Welcome to Diversity Radio Well-being Community Project

Welcome to Diversity Radio Well-being Community ProjectWelcome to Diversity Radio Well-being Community ProjectWelcome to Diversity Radio Well-being Community Project

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Carers, patients and professionals talk about the Triangle of Care, which aims to improve support and communication for carers of people with mental health problems.

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Real Insight Promoting Mental Health in Ghana



We exist to increase education and awareness of mental health in communities so they can better support people who are struggling.

We do this by bringing together people from all backgrounds and experiences to develop engaging, informative and inspiring radio shows and podcasts that offer a platform and a voice to those who would like it, advice and sharing for those who need it and a two-way dialogue that benefits everyone.  

          We are led by our core values and purpose. These are:

  • Awareness – we work to build the awareness of the voices and needs of the people who use our service
  • Education – we keep learning at the heart of our programming  
  • Collaboration– we develop everything we create together with individuals and communities  
  • Acceptance – we begin from a place of acceptance and welcoming diversity

  We do this because we want to create a culture shift nationally to see communities shaping the agenda.  

      We have created a community-led digital radio station and recording facility that allows for individuals, groups, commissioners and services to access podcast content centred around improving mental health. As well as being able to access standard recordings, clients can also license use of a package of selected content relevant to their service or commission the development of bespoke content that could take the form of story sharing, co-produced involvement, service specific content or information sharing shows.



  • This engaging, empowering and embracing digital radio station is built out of the need to create a space that can increase education and awareness of mental health in communities so they can better support people who are struggling. Diversity Radio is placed at the heart of the community, with the views and voices of people with personal, lived experience of mental illness as the centre of the work that we do. The station acts as amplification for that, extending out into the individuals in the community.  
  • The landscape is made up of individuals who each have their own multiple or complex needs, support others or have an interest in the mental health of themselves and others. Diversity Radio aims to reach as many of these people as possible, either directly to them as an individual, through community groups or charities or in larger groups through commissioned community, inpatient or forensic services.   
  • The station has a core offering of programming intended to appeal to a wide group of individuals, with more targeted programmes developed over time to focus on specific demographics, interests, needs or topics. This archive of programming can be accessed via apps or can be licensed for use by services as part of a ‘self-build’ package tailored to them. In addition to standard and tailored listening options, organisations can commission the use of the facilities, training in radio as a therapeutic tool, record their own interviews or design their own bespoke programmes to suit their listeners.




“Diversity Radio aims to impact positively on the practice and the structure of services, in order to inspire a culture shift.”

— Nashiru Momori 

Diversity Radio & Real Insight Founder

With over a decade of personal challenges and experience, Nash is an advocate for supporting people with complex mental health needs. He realised that taking the message out to the community was important for developing a safe space for people to find themselves, information and like minded and experienced people.  

His experience of working with individuals and organisations meant that he knew having the right platform was important. Working with his peers and service providers the idea came about to create a station that could bring together individuals and communities with the aim of increasing education and awareness of mental health in communities so they can better support people who are struggling

After researching the radio space, it became clear that there wasn’t much available to provide audio podcasts or live radio focused around education and support for people with an interest in their own and others mental well-being.  

Diversity Radio is supported by the organisation Real Insight, which is a group of consultants with lived experience of multiple and complex needs. Their critical understanding of the strategies, support and engagement needed to positively change the lives of those with multiple and complex needs is informed by their personal journeys and intimate experience. With this unique perspective, they developed a strong belief in service-user involvement leading to their aspiration to give people more control over their health and care. Real Insight’s aim is to make service-user involvement an intrinsic and essential component of service design, decision-making and delivery. With an ambition to use their own lived experience to engage, empower and enable service providers and users to develop a sustainable and meaningful model of service involvement. This thinking underpins the approach taken by Diversity Radio.  

The station is intended to place individual voices and communities at the heart of things, starting from a position of acceptance. Whatever their background, challenges, needs or interests there should be space for them here. People in secure and forensic services, inpatient settings, prisons, won’t feel cut out and will be able to join in and be part of a community without barriers. Families, friends, supporters of individuals with mental health needs who might have struggled to find the information or network they need to help the people they care about will gain the network and insight they need.  People interested in how to keep themselves well and have a safe space in tough times can listen or contribute.

This platform is intended to take support out to individuals and communities, offering a flexible and accessible solution that people can listen to at home, on their phones, through web access and in community groups or secure services. Budget cuts have meant that the traditional community meeting places, community centres, service user groups and charities aren’t available  

The name Diversity Radio came from a desire to embrace difference, to begin from a place of acceptance and to offer a community for a diverse range of individuals without barriers.  

Bringing the idea into reality has been down to Andy. He created the recording studio space, digital setup and has been instrumental in the direction of the station. The support of the project has been down to Sade, an important member of the Diversity Radio team. 

Funding and support came from NSUN, Real Insight and Lankelly Chase who have all believed in both Nash and the station since the start. Diversity Radio wouldn’t have been created without them.

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The radio will produce high-quality programming that keeps the sharing of mental health and education at its heart but that reflects that people experiencing mental illness are much more than their illness and offers a rounded programming schedule. Some of these programmes may include:

  • Chat  shows – panel discussions about topics decided by listeners
  • Personal stories – documentary style programmes that hear from individuals with different experiences, not necessarily mental health specific but where the topic is addressed. For example it may be an experience of someone’s application into university and as part of that they may discuss their mental health.  
  • Well-being music – research will need to be done into the costs of sharing music. This may instead be a forum for bands to conduct a ‘live lounge’ style session  
  • Interviews and news  
  • Lifestyle programmes – programmes focused on different lifestyle topics where discussions about mental health come up as part of the conversation but where people can also learn how to keep themselves well by eating well, exercising in different ways or pursuing interests
  • Arts and culture – book discussions, poetry sharing, art reviews
  • Food – cooking shows, nutrition and diet advice
  • Sport – exploring grass-roots sports  


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Do you have questions or comments about our programming? Do you have an idea for a story or style that we should include? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Diversity Radio, Astra House, 23-25 Arklow Road

SE14 6BY, New Cross, London


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